Kwik Lok Label Closures

Saeloc has been successfully supplying labelling solutions for bunched produce for the past 10 years. Following the introduction of supermarket minimal packaging policies KwikLok tags have been introduced on a wider variety of fresh produce lines across all major UK supermarkets providing a credible low-cost alternative to standard packaging methods.

Each Kwik Lok Label is manufactured from a plastic based material and is waterproof allowing for use on washed produce and application in wet environments. The rigid plastic clip ensures the label is easily applied and retained onto the rubber band.

Labels can be applied by machine or by hand depending upon the application and can be printed in any number of colours, on either side. Kwik Lok Labels offer an attractive, attention-grabbing way to label bunched and bagged products. Labels can be used to carry package information, brands and barcodes or can be printed with sales promotional graphics such as in-store coupons, cross advertising and recipes.

Water and Tear Resistant

Kwik Lok labels are made from Teslin, a plastic material which will not tear or breakdown in water. This allows them to be washed and frozen along with the product

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